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XLR Logic offers expert services in LAMP programming according to the different needs and requirements of the clients.

We have successfully implemented simple and complex projects for domestic and global clients and helped them to take complete advantage of the open source applications and frameworks.

Our LAMP programmers have sound knowledge of programming in LAMP and offers most comprising custom LAMP application solutions for diverse industries.

LAMP is basically a combination of free open source platforms used for creating a high performance web application which is supported by almost every web browser.

The LAMP stack includes:

* Linux – An open source operating system.

* Apache – A web server compatible with variety of operating systems such as Windows, Linux, MAC OS etc.

* MySQL – The most popular open source Relational Database Management System.

* PHP – An open source scripting language used to create advanced web based applications.

These four technologies are incredible in their own ways. Though they were not originally meant to work together as a stack, bringing them together creates a perfect recipe for sturdiness and security coupled with flexibility and interaction.

These software work and scale up very well together, therefore making the web application development process easy and rapid . Since these are quite prevalent technologies, there is abundance of technical knowledge and experienced personnel to work on them.