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XLR Framework

It is an essential part of development. Iblesoft is using the cutting edge MVC (Module View Controller) technology. The benefits to the customer are lower costs, due to the fact that code allows the project to develop quickly the greatest benefit to develop is the ability to more effectively manage code changes. Our developers have worked with a variety of MVC frameworks.

XLR Framework

1. Technical Components

* Database Design

* Transaction Record (framework must be adjusted to trans x files)

* History of Transaction

* Master files (use existing client)

* Framework Programs

* Logic Audit Trail Records

* Tree view User Interface (adjusts to trans x files)

2. Logical Components

* Business transactions support with history

* Business Transaction statuses

* Transaction Statuses Constructs

* By-passable edit logic in history

* Fatal error

* Program Execution

* Record history message

3. Implementation